Ioncares Carbon Filter Series

CTO (Activated Carbon Block Filter) & GAC (Granular Activated Carbon)
Both are ideally suited to filter Chlorine, tastes, odors and contaminants from water.


• Excellent for chlorine reduction, better taste and reduce odour.

• Produced using activated carbon from high-purity coconut shells.

• Highly adsorptive capacity and efficiency.

High purity Coconut shell activated carbon

One of the best sources of activated carbon for water filtering to be known as coconut shell. The carbon made from coconut shells is most promising option for removing a wide variety of particles and pollutants.

Halal (6 050 02/2022) certified by Jakim Malaysia

The ideal water filter that certified with Halal for your restaurant, cafe, and other F&B business.

10 or 20 Inch Universal Casing Compatibility

Perfectly fitted for 10 or 20-inch water purifier casing and designed to be used in either single or multi-tubed vessels.


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