Hydrogen Water Mist designed to cleanse pores, tone and hydrate your skin. Anywhere, Anytime!

Start your beautiful skin with Ioncares MIST! Sterilising harmful bacteria and moisture your skin with the latest technology from Korea.

The hydrogen water mist is specially designed to thoroughly clean, tone and hydrate your skin, household item, baby toy or even pets product.

Platinum Titanium Electrolysis Technology

The patented, innovative platinum titanium electrolysis technology quickly and safely breaks down oxygen and hydrogen from water to strongly dissolve and disperse hydrogen between water molecules.

99.9% Sterilisation Effect

99.9% of disease causing staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, pneumococcus, and colon bacillus are sterilised. 

Clear skin with hydrogen water mist

Sterilise our skin or even everyday item around us. It is best for baby product and pets product. We no longer worry about germs and bacteria.


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