Purifying shower water improve the aspect of your hair and skin.


• Soft caressing feeling of strong water pressure

• Remove invisible rust & foreign substances hidden in tap water.

• Powerful cleansing effect of fine streams of water.

Water-pressure rising and water-saving

Water stream from Ioncares Shower Head with better pressure because there is approximately 280 micro-holes. It is 3-4 times higher compare to general shower head.

Ideal Assemble of Shower head

Step 1 – Micro Sediment Filter

Step 2 – Vitamin Filter

Step 3 – Micro Fabric Filter

Step 4 – Micro-perforation Spraying Plate

The reason to remove residual chlorine

“People who drink chlorinated water have 93% higher chance to get cancer than people who drink -non-chlorinated water.” – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“The amount of volatile pollutant absorbed by breathing during 15 minutes of taking a shower in a shower room is equivalent to the amount of drinking 1 liter of tap water.” – Professor Jurian Indelman, Graduate School at the University of Pittsburgh.


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